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 Social Activities 
Researchers attended the 7th FIT Asian Translator’s Forum
Author:   Update Time: 2013-09-13

August 27th and the following two days witnessed the holding of the 7th FIT

Asian Translator’s Forum in Penang Island, Malaysia. Dean of School of Interpreting and Translation Studies (SITS), Professor Ping Hong, faculty member of the Center Professor Mu Lei and Dr. Wang Weiwei attended the forum and delivered speeches at the meeting. Along with them were PhD students Yang Dongmin, Zou Bing and post-graduate candidate Liang Yanting, all of whom delivered group reports at the forum.

This forum was held every three years since its establishment in 1995. The theme of this year was “Translator and Interpreter Training: Innovation, Assessment and Recognition”.

The keynote speeches of the meeting were given by world-renown scholars, such as Emeritus Salleh、Christiane Nord、Jeremy Munday、Franz Pöchhacker、Chan Sin-wai、Jemina Napier、Jorge Diaz-Cintas、Hasurla Omar. They remarked on translation assessment, CAT training, the provision and assessment of interpreter training curriculum and others. The group reports themed around a wide range of topics with three outstanding characteristics. First, the attention was paid to the connection of translation training and the industry; second, there were discussions about innovation of translation training; and third, more interest was aroused in the application of technology to the training.

The PhD students and post-graduate candidates from our university shared their own research achievements at the meeting, which triggered the other scholars’ interest in our training system. The students exchanged ideas with scholars including Franz Pöchhacker. This forum served as a platform not only for students like them to broaden their horizon, but also an opportunity to show the outside what they accumulated here in GDUFS.

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