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 Social Activities 
Representatives of GDUFS Attended the 10th Joint Conference for Superintendents of Translation Schools and Departments
Author:   Update Time: 2014-11-24

The 10th Joint Conference for Superintendents of Translation Schools and Departments and the 2014 Annual Meeting of China National Committee for BTI Education themed under the National Standards and Connotation Building of Translation as a Major was held in Zhejiang International Studies University from May 9th to 10th. The conference was sponsored by China National Committee for BTI Education (hereafter referred to as the Committee) and hosted by Zhejiang International Studies University with 170 participants including all the members of the Committee and Superintendents of translation schools and departments from institutes of higher learning that have set up translation as a major for undergraduate student.

Prof. Zhong Weihe, Chief of the Committee and President of GDUFS, Prof. Ping Hong, Dean of the School of Translation of GDUFS, Prof. Zhao Junfeng, Vice Dean of the School of Translation and director of the Center for MTI Education of GDUFS, and Prof. Mu Lei from the Center for Translation Studies attended the Conference.

At the Conference Zhong delivered a keynote speech titled “National Standards for the Evaluation of Teaching Work for Undergraduates of Translation Major: How to Formulate Such Standards and What Should Be Included”. He argued that the rapid growth of translation major mirrors the increased demand from our society, the development of English major and China’s strategy of going global. He said that “national standards” is the criteria for talent people, the threshold for this major, the rules for the building of translation major and an important yardstick for the evaluation of this major. The formulation of national standards would make China’s higher education more quality-oriented than scale-oriented. 

In conclusion, Zhong condensed national standards for the evaluation of teaching work for undergraduates of translation major into “one focus, four rules”. He called on all institutes of higher learning to reasonably handle “eight relations” and formulate their own standards according to the national standards.

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