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Professors Discuss the Research Focuses of the Center
Author:   Update Time: 2015-06-29

On the 26th June,a seminar on the research focuses of the center was held in the library of the center. Present at the conference were: Huang Guowen, professor with School of Foreign Languages,Sun Yat-Sen University,He Xianbin, professor with Guangdong Polytechnic Normal University, XiaoKunxue, professor with Guangzhou University. And another five professors of GuangdongUniversity of Foreign Studies also attended the seminar, including ZhaoJunfeng, professor with School of Interpreting and Translation Studies , LiRuilin, professor with Guangdong Collaborative Innovation Center For Language Research and Services, Mo Aiping, Director of the Center for Translation Studies , Zeng lisha, professor with  the Center for Translation Studies, and LiuMenglian, associate professor with  the Center for Translation Studies.  

At the beginning of the seminar, Mo Aiping gave a brief introduction to the status quo of the academic research at the Center for Translation Studies and talked about a rough plan of academic focuses in the future. After that, Zeng Lisha gave a speech and pointed out that the development of the Center should be based on adistinguished feature and a clear core principle. And he analyzed the future development of the Center in five aspects:1we have to distinguish the differences among common translation studies, applied translation studies and other sub-disciplines of linguistics, yet at the same time, we should draw on the achievements of other sub-disciplines;(2) We have to maintain a balance between criticizing and inheriting the translation theories in the history and at the same time, make the best of achievements of foreign translation studies; (3) We have to get rid of the stereotype of traditional translation studies as being subjective comments;(4) We have to try to connect the different theoretical analysis methods used in different areas;(5)We have to figure out how to integrate and develop the criticism system of translation studies in a creative and innovative way. 


After Zeng’s speech, Liu Menglian made a speech about the study on computer-aided interpreting teaching. In her speech, she gave a brief introduction to the current situations of the computer–aided interpreting teaching at home and abroad and talked the important role the internet had played in interpreting teaching. She also suggested that the Center should keep up with the latest developments in interpreting teaching and draw on the achievements of the existing online interpreting training programs.


After the two fulltime researchers’ speeches, experts present at the seminar voiced their opinions on the topic. Huang Guowen suggested that a translation system with GDUFS as the platform should be built. Zhao Junfeng pointed out that an integration and reorganization of the current plans was necessary for the future development of the Center. Mo Aiping made the concluding remarks as theclosure of the seminar.


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