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Annual Conference of The Translators Association of Guangdong Province Held in GDUFS
Author:   Update Time: 2014-03-23

On March 22nd of 2014, the 2013 Annual Conference of The Translators Association of Guangdong Province, sponsored by The Translators Association of Guangdong Province (TAGP), hosted by the Center and the School of Interpreting and Translation Studies, and co-hosted by Lancoo Group and Shanghai Foreign Education Press, was held in GDUFS. Over 200 representatives from the field of translation attended the conference.

In the morning, Prof. Zhong Weihe, President of GDUFS and Chairman of TAGP addressed the conference. He looked back to the achievements made by TAGP since its establishment, underlined the importance of translation in future international exchanges and trade, and introduced in details the building and development of translation discipline.

Yong Heming, Vice Chairman of TAGP and Vice President of Guangdong University of Finance and Economics delivered the Annual Report of TAGP in the following three parts: 1. TAGP has made the most of academic strength and successfully hosted many symposiums and forums; 2. TAGP has meet its social responsibility by providing translation services to the society. 3. It has built an information sharing platform to improve itself internally.

Cheng Shenquan, Director of the Translation Department of Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. , Prof. Mu Lei from the Center, Prof. Wang Dongfeng, Director of the Center for Foreign Language Teaching and Translation Studies, and Qu Shen, Director of the Foreign Affairs Office of Guangdong Provincial Higher People's Court were invited to make keynote speeches.

In the afternoon, two parallel sessions on translation theories, practice and industry were held. All participants had intensive discussions on the above topic.

At 16:30, Prof. Gong Qi, Vice Chairman of TAGP declared the closing of the conference following the Q&A session.

This conference served as a high-level platform for academic exchanges and provided opportunity for intergration of university, research and industry. It contributed to higher academic levels and the growth of talents in the field of translation.

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