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A Brief on the 38th Forum for PhD Students
Author:   Update Time: 2016-12-27


Topic: Cross-disciplinary Translation Studies: Concepts, Evolution and Beyond

Time: 15:00-17:00Dec.21, 2016  

Venue: B108, Building 6  

Participants: Ph. D candidates and senior visitings cholars  

Chairperson: Prof. Zeng Lisha    

Speaker: Shao Chunmei


The 38th forum for Ph. D students, chaired by Prof. Zeng Lisha, participated by Ph. D students from School of Interpreting and Translation Studies and School of Business English, was held in December, 21. Shao Chunmei gave her presentation on the topic of Cross-disciplinary Translation Studies in terms of examining the existing concepts, evolution, and the forward-looking of the discipline.  




  The speaker first elaborated on the research rationale and position, followed by the examining of several key words in delineating the discipline such as polydiscipline and interdiscipline. The underlying reasons, evidence, feature, and trend in Translation Studies as interdiscipline were clarified after which the present Ph. D. Students made a discussion and offered valuable comments on the topic in terms of methodology and case study.

  Prof. Zeng Lisha gave his insights on the topic by first acknowledging the legitimacy of the topic and the discussion. He then proposed that it is more advisable for Ph. D students to focus on translation practice and text analysis. And further he points out that the topic can be narrowed down in order to solve some fundamental problem in Translation Studies such as the translation of literary irony. Prof. Zeng emphasized what research means in Translation Studies and that will benefit all the students present.

The Forum lasted more than two hours with heated discussion and comment after which a deeper understanding oft he topic can be gained.


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