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Translator Morals and Translation Ethics: a Perspective of Conceptual Analysis——A Brief on the 34th Forum for Ph. D Students
Author:   Update Time: 2016-08-17


Topic:Translator Morals and Translation Ethics: a Perspective of Conceptual Analysis  

Time:16:30-18:00July 12, 2016  

Venue:B108, Building 6  

Participants:Ph. D candidates and senior visiting scholars  

Chairperson:Prof. Zeng Lisha    

Speaker:Yang Rongguang      


The 34th forum held in the afternoon of July 12th witnesses the presentation delivered by Yang Rongguang, a Ph.D candidate from School of Interpreting and Translation Studies, GDUFS. Chaired by Prof. Zeng Lisha, the forum enjoys the participation of some Ph. D students, MA students and visiting scholars.      

Based on a review of previous studies on translation ethics, Yang Rongguang argues that the existing studies failed to offer a satisfactory definition of translation ethics, and that there exists a profound confusion between translation ethics and translator’s morals.Therefore, he proposes a re-evaluation of all definitions concerning translation ethics by distinguishing the difference between “morals” and “ethics”,“ethics of compete translation and ethics of translation variations”.  

All participants present were engaged into a heated discussion over the problems arising from the presentation and some shared their insights on how to conduct detailed analysis of definitions of ther elevant concepts and how to make further significant researches on the topic.  

Regarding the presentation, Professors Zeng points out that translation ethics should be studied from an interdisciplinary perspective, which requires a clear understanding of the concept of “ethics”. According to him, the studies of ethics in translation should reveal the aspects of negative social influence and community-shared acknowledgement. He also advises the presenter to focus on practical translation problems and to select typical translation cases that can offer sufficient explanation for the research topic.     

Informative and inspiring, especially withProf. Zeng’s sharing, participants have obtained a deeper understanding of themethodology applicable in translation studies.      


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