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Chinese-English Translation of Implicit Cultural Presupposition from Evaluation of Dream of Red Mansion--A Brief on the 31st Forum for Ph. D Students
Author:   Update Time: 2016-05-27


The 31st forum on the afternoon of May 25th witnesses the presentation delivered by Chen Xia, a Ph.D candidate from School of Interpreting and Translation Studies, GDUFS. Chaired by Prof. Zeng Lisha,the forum enjoys the participation of some Ph. D students and visiting scholars.



Based on a review of relevant research, Chen Xia claims that academic attention to cultural presupposition has been restricted to the explicit one while the implicit one has been seldom touched upon. Hence, categorized study is suggested to investigate the latter stemming from actual translated texts.After explaining the connotation and features of the implicit, she analyzes its triggering process, inference and translation exemplified with two data from the novel of Dream of Red Mansion. Respectively,the data stand for two types of implicit cultural presupposition: officialdom and life. Through data analysis, along with the illustration of translating and the evaluation of translated versions, she attempts to demonstrate the ways to carry out categorized study of implicit cultural presupposition in order to construct its open empirical and theoretic modules.


In terms of her presentation, Prof. Zeng shares his views mainly from two aspects: the ways to present and to analyze data. He points out the importance of the audience’ acceptance and the clarity in presenting. On the other hand, he provides in-depth ideas on scientific data analysis by understanding the semantic meaning(s) of a linguistic unit, detailed analysis of factors involved in translation such as information structures, effect,relations, intention, diction, strategies, as well as the determination to have theoretical findings to be explicable, illustrative, justifiable, inferrable and operable.


Informative and inspiring, especially with Prof. Zeng’s sharing,participants have obtained a deeper understanding of the methodology applicablein translation studies.


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