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Redefinition and Extended Domain of Translation in New Media Era---A Brief on the Forum for PhD Students(30)
Author:   Update Time: 2016-05-03

Topic: Redefinition and Extended Domain of Translation in New Media Era—Conflicts and Reflection on Series Lectures by Dr. Luis Pérez-González

Time: 15:00-17:00Apr. 27,2016

Venue: B108, Building 6

Participants: Doctoral students and senior visiting scholars

Chairperson: Pro. Zeng Lisha    

Speaker: Lu Jie


The 30thforum started with a presentation delivered by Lu Jie, a Ph.D candidate from School of Interpreting and Translation Studies,GDUFS. Some PH.D students andvisiting scholars participated in the forum.

First of all, Lu Jie made a brief introduction to the academic achievements andstatus of Dr. LuisPérez-González from Manchester University, especially his contribution in thefield of media and audiovisual translation. The presentation is based on the seven lectures delivered by Luis during March 24to April 1 in GDUFS.Lu Jie has chosen five aspects from his lectures which worth discussion: amateur subtitling, self-media/self-mediation, citizen-media, news transediting and non-linguisticsemiotic features in translation. The above-mentioned aspects have gained greatattention in the western academic field in recently years. By combining Dr.Luis examples and similar examples in China, Lu Jie has illustrated how and to whatextent the definition and domain of translation has been extended. She also proposedthat we may learn from western scholars to carry out similar reserach but keepa critical mind at the same time since academic research also had its own contextin different countries.

Theforum was followed by heated discussion by Ph.D students and visiting scholarson the questions whether we should redefine translation to such an extent andwhether those examples could be discussed in the domain of translation.

Finally,Pro. Zeng Lisha’s made a summary and provided some advice and suggestions to Ms. Lu’s presentation. He stated that Lu’s presentation was meaningful by introducing the latest research conducted by western scholars, but when we intended to carry out the subtitling translation, we should at least categorizethe sources of subtitles. The typological feature of subtitles should be first summed up for the purpose of making relevant strategies, which shall focus on the cognitive process instead of some empirical skills. Lastly, Chinese films should treasure and spread our traditional values and philosophies. The forum proved to bean inspiring and informative academic gathering and all the participants are looking forward to the next one.        






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